National Chi Nan University-Department of Electrical Engineering
Form of Obligatory and Optional Courses for Bachelor's Degree

This Form is applied for 2013 academics year's students
Graduation credit requirement for master degree: 25-credits, including:
- Common courses: 10-credits.
- Specialized required courses: 15-credits.

courses for master degree

Graduation credit requirement for doctor degree: 18-credits, including:
-The lowest credits needed: 18 credits; the project research major and seminar before passing the qualification examinations.
-Optional courses 18 credits (the specialized optional course includes Graduate Communication Engineering courses, Computer Science and Information Engineering courses, Graduate Biomedicine and Biomedical technology courses, Applied Materials and Optoelectronic engineering and also the courses from the Dept. of Electrical Engineering).

courses for doctoral degree

Graduation credit requirement for bachelor degree: 138-credits, including:
- The school-wide curriculum: 14-credits.
- General Education courses: 17-credits.
- Departmental required courses: 68-credits.
- Elective courses: 39-credits (including:32 credits of specialized optional courses, 2 credits of second foreign language or English listening and speaking at least.)

courses for master degree