The Title of The Lab Teacher Research
Advanced System Integrated Circuit Design Lab Meng-Lieh Sheu Dr. Sheu’s area of interest is VLSI Design and Testing, with a current focus on integrating microsensors and reading interface circuit design for SoC research & development (e.g. IC design and testing in SoC, analog and mixed signals, sensor signal reading and transceivers)
Analog Integrated Circuit and System Design Lab Tai-Ping Sun Power Control Systems:
Backlight Driving and Dimming Control Circuit Design, Research on LEDs, Laser Characteristics and Spice Models, AC LED Measurement and Circuit Analysis, PLC System Control and Filter Design.
Infrared Image Readout Systems:
Design of Image Readout Circuit, Building Image Modules, Research on Photo-detector Sense Circuits.
Biosensing System:
Sensor Front-End Readout Circuit Design, Sensor Measurement and Analysis, Device Fabrication, Peripheral Interface Controllers, Wireless Communications.
Automatic Control Lab Jung-Shan Lin Principles of System and Control, Robotics and Robotic Arm Systems.
Broadband Local Loop Transmission Lab (BLLTL) Prof. Jin-Fu Chang
Prof. Shyue-Win Wei
FMT/OFDM Communications System, Adaptive Modulation, Channel Coding,
DMT/OFDM Communications System, Adaptive Modulation, Channel Coding.
DSP & IC Design Lab Gin-Der Wu fuzzy neural network, digital signal processing, embedded system, hardware/software co-design
Nano and Photonic Device Lab You-Lin Wu Fabrication of Silicon Nanowire and Quantum Dot Devices, Single Electron Transistors, Biomedical Sensors Using Nano Materials, Semiconductor Device Characterizations at Nanoscale.
Nano Electronics and Smart Transducers Lab Henry J. H. Chen 1. Nanoimprint Lithography
2. Thin Film Transistors (TFTs)
3. IC Technology
4. Nano Semiconductor Devices
5. Nanoelectromechanical Systems (NEMS)
6. Bio-Sensors
Network Technology and Application Lab Yaw-Wen Kuo Quality of Service Guarantee, Wireless Networks, Medium Access Control, Embedded Systems.
Nonlinear and Adaptive Systems Lab Jung-Shan Lin Control and communications are the two main areas of interest. In the area of control, theoretical analysis, control design and application of nonlinear and adaptive systems are the focus, while in the communications area, channel estimation on the receiving end and relevant transceiving technologies of MIMO-OFDM/OFDMA systems under a wireless communications environment.
RF-IC (Radio-Frequency Integrated Circuits) Lab Yo-Sheng Lin Wireless Communication Components, Circuits and Systems IC Design
 RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) Chip Design
 Wireless Charging Techniques
 LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and LED (Light Emitting Diode) Driver IC Design
 Biosensors and Actuators
 Wireless Biomedical Alarm Systems
Semiconductor Measurement Lab You-Lin Wu 1.Manufacturing Technologies for Cu-IC
2.Characteristics Research of Oxide Film under Nano Stress and Improvement of Oxide Film Reliability
3.High-k Gate Oxide
4.Atomic Force Microscope and Its Application
5.Research and Development of bio-chips
6.Organic Electronic Devices
Speech Processing Lab Jeih-weih Hung Speech Signal Processing, Speech Recognition, Noise Robust Speech Recognition.
Video Signal Processing and Application Lab Pei-Jun Lee Video Coding, 2D to 3D Conversion, 3D Video Coding, 3D Display Technology, Multimedia Application Processing, FPGA Design and Implementation, Robotics.
Visual Information Processing & Cyber Communication Lab Wen-Shiung Chen 1.Biometrics and Biometric Recognition
2.Wireless and Mobile Networks
3.Digital Signal and Image Processing
4.Data Compression
5.Image and Video Coding
6.Visual Communications
7.Image Analysis and Pattern Recognition
8.Chaos & Fractal Theory and Applications
Digital Integrated Circuit and System Design Lab Yi-Ming Wang 1.High-Speed IC Design
2.Low-Power/ Low-Voltage Digital IC Design
3.Low Voltage/Low-Noise IC Design
4.SoC for Configuring Component-Based Circuit Design
5.SoC for Clock System Circuit and Design
Semiconductor Lab (I) Yi-Jung Cheng
Yi-Jung Cheng
1.Manufacturing Technologies for Cu-IC
2.Characteristics Research of Oxide Film under Nano Stress and Improvement of Oxide Film Reliability
3.High-k Gate Oxide
4.Atomic Force Microscope and Its Application
5.Research and Development of bio-chips
6.Organic Electronic Devices
Semiconductor Material/Device and Reliability Analysis Lab Yi-Jung Cheng 1.Nanomaterials and Nano Devices
2.IC Fabrication Techniques
3.Reliability of Semiconductor Back-End Processing and Improvements.
4.Analysis and Integration of Low-k Materials.
Applied Electromagnetics Lab Wei-Chung Weng Antenna design, Microwave engineering, Computational electromagnetics, Microwave integrated circuits (MICs), EMC/EMI, Optimization techniques in electromagnetic problems.
Wireless Communications & Network Lab Jui-Teng Wang Wireless Communications, Wireless Network, Software Defined Radio.
Microcomputer & Digital Circuit Lab Merg-Lieh Sheu Electrical Lab (I)/(II)/(III), Digital Logic Lab, Digital Circuits Lab, Microcomputer Lab.
Communications Signal Processing Lab Yin-Man Lee Wireless Communications, Signal Processing.
Biomedical Electronics Lab / Biomedical Sensors Lab Tak-Shing Ching Biomedical Electronics, Tissue Bioimpedance, Biosensors, Biomedical Instrumentation Design, Non-Invasive Monitoring, Diagnosis and Treatment.
Navigation & Mobile Sensing Lab Kai-Yew Lum Nonlinear Dynamic Control, Navigation & Guidance, Fault Detection & Diagnosis, Estimation, System Identification.
Nano Devices and Integrated Circuits Lab Chun-Hsing Shih Nano Transistors, Semiconductor Memories, Power Semiconductor Devices, Semiconductor Device Simulation, Integrated Circuits and Technologies.
Computer and System Simulation Lab Yaw-Wen Kuo Introduction to Computer Science, Microprocessors Principles and Laboratory, Development & Application of Micro Control Systems, Network performance analysis and simulation, Computer Programing, Introduction to Embedded System, Hardware Description Language and FPGA Prototyping.
Wireless Mobile System Lab Jane-Hwa Huang Wireless communication networks, Mobile network systems, Multihop cooperative networks, Cloud systems, Radio resource management, Performance analysis and network planning, Machine-type communication (MTC)/machine-to-machine communication (M2M), Device-to-device (D2D) communication.
Generated Circuits and Systems Lab Robert Chen-Hao Chang Mixed-Signal IC Design, Power Management IC Design
Note: BST = Building of Science and Technology
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